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 Cybersecurity Services

Centralized Malware Protection

Enables enforcement of security policies via routine application of patches and upgrades to software, scanning the system for malware, and configuring antivirus settings.

Incident Response

Pre-established set of protocols to assist organization in detecting, responding to, and recovering data from network security incidents. 

Dark Web Scan

Knowing which email accounts and employee information is on the Dark Web will give you the insight needed to protect your company and your employees.

Penetration Testing  

Routine testing of computer system or network performed to evaluate the security vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.  

 Phishing Prevention

Toxic links in targeted emails can steal highly confidential information, causing serious lossess to enterprises.  

Encryption & Secure WiFi

Encoding of organizational files in such a way to allow authorized access. Prevent unauthorized access of computers or servers via wireless networks.  

 Anti-Virus Services

Installation of powerful anti-virus software that resists and removes virus that compromise the network systems.  


Installation of backup resources to guard against catastrophic data loss and to provide continuity of service.  

Cybersecurity Hardware


A cybersecurity firewall that works with your default software to keep hackers out and proficiently tracks down whoever tries to hack into your computer network.


Personal Cloud & VPN

A cloud data storage device that you can truly trust for keeping your data safe. You save the data on your own cloud that you personally control. If they want to gain access to your data, they’ll have to take your permission.

Email Server

A personal email server to give you ironclad security control over your email communication. Keeping your correspondence encrypted by a dedicated personal server is the best way to keep you stay safe online.


Our services are personalized to your enterprise.

Our goal is to build a cyber fortress around your enterprise. To help you keep your information safe and a worry-free virtual work environment. 

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